Welcome to Strohmann Games

Strohmann Games was founded in 2020 to localize and publish these localized German editions of international, foreign-language board (or card) games in the German-speaking markets. Since then we have received a lot pf praise for our selection of titles, leading already to 2 "Kennerspiel des Jahres" nominations and 1 "Spiel des Jahres" recommendation within this short time frame.

Please look at the"Spiele" (Games) section to see, what we have published so far (or are currently in the process of publishing).

In addition to Direct Sales  we are working with SpielDirekt, Pegasus and Asmodee and others to distribute our games to FLGS and other retailers (on- and offline).

If you are interested in publishing a localized German edition of your game, please feel free to contact me.